Page 10 - NBY News April 2020
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         Visitor Centers Closed                   LIVING
            Public Land Open
         The California Department of Fish and
       Wildlife (CDFW) is temporarily closing areas
       of high public use including visitor centers
       and license counters to help slow the spread  • A Free Consultation
       of COVID-19 (coronavirus).            • A Living Trust - Single or Married
         Outdoor areas will remain open and  • Pour-Over Will(s)
       available for the public to enjoy. CDFW is  • Power(s) of Attorney For:
       responsible for over one million acres of    Health Care, Asset Management
       public lands that will remain open. These  • All Transfer Documents to Trust
       lands include Wildlife Areas and Ecological  • Notarization Fees Included
       Reserves that provide an opportunity to
       recreate and explore the rich diversity of fish,  Free Family Information Packet
       wildlife and habitats that California has to  NO EXTRA CHARGE
       offer. CDFW recommends that all visitors  FOR IN-HOME SERVICES
       follow guidance for social distancing (of at
       least 6 feet) when visiting our public lands.  SIRKIN & SIRKIN
       To explore the outdoor opportunities on
       CDFW public lands, please             ATTORNEYS AT LAW
       visit             800-300-9977
         Please check with your local public health
       agency for changes.

       10                                                                                                                                      April 2020
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