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         By Ron Singerton                    Wedding Rings on the Fourth                              Valentino Will
               Historical Review           Finger of the Left Hand. Why?                            Die by Donis Casey
         As a former history teacher, I’ve  Some traditions we take for granted                     available at
       always been interested in stories  go back hundreds if not thousands of                      Amazon,
       including your story, her story, and  years. Take the wedding ring, a signifier              Goodreads &
       HIS-STORY. One day many years ago I  of marriage and devotion in most of the                 Barnes and Noble.
       decided to write a novel about ancient  Western world. It’s said that the ancient
       Rome which became “Villa of Deceit.”  I  Egyptians (who knew nothing of the                    WHO IS
       had always taught modern history so  function of the brain) believed that one                TRYING TO KILL
       this was a challenge. I wondered what it  thought went through the heart and a               THE WORLD’S
       would be like to live back then and  vein from the heart led to the fourth                   GREATEST
       invented a character who was a slave.  finger of the left hand. And, presumably,             LOVER?
       Almost everybody captured in war   six thousand years ago, that’s where the                    Though Bianca
       became a slave (it had nothing to do  ring was placed. But surely, it was not a  LaBelle, star of the wildly popular silent  Dear Younger Me…Wisdom for Family
                                                                                                                        Enterprise Successors by David C.
       with race) and 40% of Rome was slave.  diamond. That came much, much later.  movie serial “The Adventures of Bianca  Bentall available at Amazon and most
       At its height, Rome had close to one  However, the Church of England’s    Dangereuse”, and Rudolph Valentino, the  local bookstores. Family business
       million people.                    Book of Common Prayer in 1549, requires  greatest screen idol of all time, have been  enterprises found in virtually every
         I wanted to know if there was ever a  that the ring should be worn on the  friends for years, in the summer of 1926  country, are the backbone of most
       time when slaves in Rome ever had  fourth finger of the left hand to      they are making their first picture    economies. However, the leadership
       anything to look forward to. And, Lo,  differentiate its members from practices  together, a steamy romance called Grand  challenges they present are complex and
       the strangest, most festive and unusual  of the Roman Catholic Church which put  Obsession. One evening after dinner at  unique. Most executives and family
       week of the year. It began on December  the ring on the right hand, indicating  Bianca’s fabulous Beverly Hills estate, a  members in these firms eventually
       17  497 B.C. with sacrifices to the god  strength of the marriage bond. Of  troubled Rudy confesses that he has  discover that their education and years of
       Saturn (Roman god of planting) but  course, many people today wear no     received anonymous death threats. In a  hard work have not prepared them to
       others said it was inaugurated to raise  wedding ring at all and ring fingers  matter of days, filming comes to an abrupt  address many of the interpersonal
                                                                                 halt when Rudy falls deathly ill. Could it
       the peoples’ morale after the horrific  have changed with the times. In the 16 th  be poison?                    demands that come with the territory.
       Roman defeat after the battle of Cannae  and 17  centuries the thumb was the ring         As Rudy lies dying, Bianca promises  After years of study and reflection, David
                                                                                                                        Bentall came to realize how ill equipped
       in 217 BCE.                        finger. And it’s displayed on the fourth  him that she will find out who is   he had been to be a part of the solution
         With the start of the festival all Rome  finger of the right hand in Russia, Greece  responsible. Was it one of his many  for his own family business. In his
       would shout “Lo Saturnalia!” The   and parts of Central America. And in   lovers? A delusional fan? Or perhaps Rudy  newest title, Dear Younger Me, he
       holiday was a perfect excuse to get  conservative Judaism, the ring is worn  had run afoul of a mobster whose name  presents a highly personal exploration of
       drunk, (wine, not beer) to forgive  on the lady’s right index finger.     Bianca knows all too well? She calls on P.I.  nine key character traits that David
       sentences of death, to party and party  But a word about the diamond, the  Ted Oliver to help her investigate the end  realizes he was badly lacking as a young
       some more. One could gamble (usually  most common rock adorning the ring. It  of what had seemed to be the charmed life  executive. Written in a handbook format,
       a crime) and give gifts such as figurines  only became relatively standard after  of Valentino.                  and useful for any business executive, it
       and wax candles. The entire event was a  the Great Depression. The South African  Post-Traumatic                 is especially aspiring for family
       raucous, wild extravaganza which not  mining firm De Beers was having     Thriving The Art of                    enterprise executives, providing insight
       even Augustus or Caligula could tame.  difficulty marketing diamonds and came  Science, & Stories of             and inspiration on how to develop
         But most amazing was that during the  up with the slogan “A Diamond is  Resilience by                          HUMILITY, CURIOSITY, LISTENING,
       festival, slaves and masters changed  Forever.” Their sales skyrocketed as the  Randall Bell, Ph.D.              EMPATHY, FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE,
                                                                                                                        CRITICAL THINKING, PATIENCE and
       places! Slaves could share a table with  economy improved. Four words. How  available at                         CONTENTMENT. He artfully balances
       their masters, have them serve the food  ‘bout that for marketing?        Amazon, Goodreads                      academic research with practical insights
       shouting, “not that slop!” Everyone                                       and Walmart. Dr.                       from many well-known family
       wore a felt hat, the pileus, denoting a  Ron Singerton is the author of the  Bell takes the reader               enterprise leaders exploring the role of
       freed slave or liberti. Instead of masters  historical novels, “Villa of Deceit,”  on a journey from             these key virtues as found in the lives of
                                                                                 traumatization to
       wearing the toga they wore the     (ancient Rome) its sequel, “The Silk and  healing by dividing                 such iconic leaders as Benjamin Franklin,
       synthesis, colorful, informal clothing  the Sword,” “A Cherry Blossom in  up the book into                       Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Teresa,
       and slaves were allowed (within    Winter,” (the Russo Japanese war) and  sections and                           Nelson Mandela, Kim Phuc, Walt Disney,
       bounds) to order their masters around.  its sequel, “A Blossom in the Ashes,”  weaving the stories of successful trauma  John Wooden, and Helen Keller.
       It was a way of pretending the social  WWII. Penmore Press (Tucson) has   survivors throughout. The first section is
       order was just without undermining it.  published four historical novels, all of  called the Dive Stage: We Get Knocked   How do I get my book reviewed?
         But once the celebration was over,  which are on Amazon and have four and  Down. As in, where you experience the   Criteria:  NBY! publishes book reviews
       everything reverted back to        five star ratings. The first was “Villa of  trauma. This is where the work of  for authors that are over 55 years old, or
       “Normality” in which the father of the  Deceit,” followed by its sequel “The Silk  psychologist Dr. Kübler-Ross’s five stages of  the topic is appropriate for older adult
       household, the Dominus, was in total  and the Sword.” Both deal with ancient  grief comes in. The fives stages are: shock,  readers, or it is about an older adult.
       control over the lives of his children,  Rome, the Silk Road and the march of  denial, anger, bargain and depression.  NBY! reserves the right to refuse material
       wife and slaves for as long as he lived.  Roman survivors after the battle of  Section two is the Surviving Stage: We Get  deemed inappropriate by the publisher.
         I probably would not have wanted to  Carrhae (53 B.C.E.) to the Great Wall of  Back Up. This is where you face the trauma       Next Step:  Mail a copy of your book
       live in Rome for more than a day   China which really happened. The other  head on and learn coping mechanisms to help  to NBY!, PO Box 722, Brea, CA 92822.
                                                                                 you heal. This includes confrontation,
       (certainly not on a street at night) but  two are based on  the love of a young  sorting, experimentation, acceptance and  Enclose a brief description of the book,
       during Saturnalia, it would have been a  Russian nobleman and a Japanese girl. A  mindfulness. The third section is the Thrive  where one can buy it, and a payment of
       hoot!                                                                                                            $7.00 (check or money order) made out to
                                          new book coming in 2021.               Stage: We Blast Off, whereby you actually  Senior Industry Professionals.  Include
                                            Email:            apply these techniques and learn to be a  your contact information: Name, address,
                                          Website:          happier person version of yourself again. A  phone, email address, website (if appli-
                                                                                 thriving version of yourself.          cable).

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