Your Finances God's Way

Your Finances God’s Way by Scott LaPierre available at Amazon and Ever since he got married, author and pastor Scott LaPierre has supported his family on a single salary while remaining debt-free. He’s witnessed the stress that accompanies financial insecurity, yet he’s learned firsthand that even those with a limited income can eliminate worries. With Your Finances God’s Way, you’ll replace negative spending habits with positive patterns that will set you on the road to financial freedom. Drawing from the Bible’s wisdom on money management, this book provides essential steps backed by proven practices, helping you

  • get the most out of your money by paying off debt and building up savings
  • make informed spending choices that help you avoid anxiety, regret, and conflict
  • enjoy the fruits of managing your money in a way that honors God

Use what God has provided to thrive! Whether you’re young or old, married or single, working or staying at home, Your Finances God’s Way will give you everything you need to be a Christlike steward of the resources you’ve been given.

Your Marriage God's Way

Your Marriage God’s Way by Scott LaPierre available at Amazon & Your most important earthly connection is with your spouse, and when you honor the person you married, you’re also honoring God. He created marriage to be one of life’s greatest gifts, and the instruction manual you need for a joyful, lasting union is found in His Word. In Your Marriage God’s Way, author and pastor, Scott LaPierre, takes a close look at the principles for building a biblical marriage—one in which your relationship with Christ brings guidance and blessing into your relationship with your spouse. You’ll gain the tools to…

  • understand the unique roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives
  • recognize and resolve the conflicts you face with a heart of hope and compassion
  • follow God’s worthy command to love and cherish your spouse unconditionally

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or you’ve been on the road together for years, Your Marriage God’s Way will provide the helpful and encouraging insights you need to experience marriage as God intends it.

Senior Sociopaths

Senior Sociopaths How To Recognize and Escape Lifelong Abusers by Donna Anderson available at Amazon.  Senior Sociopaths is the first book to examine antisocial behavior in the over-50 crowd. This is a far bigger problem than anyone realizes. In America, 14 million people over age 50 could be diagnosed with antisocial, narcissistic, borderline or histrionic personality disorders, or psychopathy. They are not locked up in jails or mental institutions. They live among us, scamming and abusing almost everyone in their lives. This book is written for the millions of people who are trying to get along with a supposedly mature romantic partner, spouse, parent, family member, work colleague or neighbor, but face never-ending turmoil. It reveals hundreds of stories of shocking deceit and manipulation. Readers will learn that they’re not alone and they’re not crazy — they’re dealing with disorder. They will also learn how to escape and recover from the abuse.

Hillary and the Ladybug ButterfliesHillary And The Ladybug Butterflies by Mary Cohen, William Dandurand, Elisabeth Revel & Gary Revel available at Amazon ad Goodreads. Hillary the Little Ladybug happens to see two ladybug butterflies. She goes to the King to help her understand what she has seen. She and Tiny Tim go on a forbidden journey to find the answer to the mystery. The event leads them to a challenge that will inspire and encourage everyone who reads the book.

This Is Me, Being Brave by Len Kuntz available at Amazon and Goodreads.

What does it mean to be fully present in the moment?
What does it mean to grieve?
What does it mean to confront your failings?
Or to love like it’s the only love you’ll ever have?
In THIS IS ME, BEING BRAVE, Len Kuntz addresses these issues and dozens more by splaying himself wide open for the reader.
Full of wisdom and humanity, deeply personal and universally relevant, Kuntz turns bravery on its very head.
And defies you not to be moved.

The Way of the Wall Street Warrior

The Way Of The Wall Street Warrior by Dave Liu available at Amazon And Goodreads. In The Way of the Wall Street Warrior, 25-year veteran investment banker and finance professional, Dave Liu, delivers a humorous and irreverent insider’s guide to thriving on Wall Street or Main Street. Liu offers hilarious and insightful advice on everything from landing an interview to self-promotion to getting paid.

In this book, you’ll discover:

How to get that job you always wanted

Why career longevity and “success” comes from doing the least amount of work for the most pay

How mastering cognitive biases and understanding human nature can help you win the rat race

How to make people think you’re the smartest person in the room without actually being the smartest person in the room

How to make sure you do everything in your power to get paid well (or at least not get screwed too badly)

How to turn any weakness or liability into an asset to further your career

Love, Life and Lucille

Love, Life And Lucille by Judy Gaman available at Amazon and Goodreads. Judy Gaman was so busy making a name for herself that she barely took the time to meet a stranger, enjoy life, or simply stop to breathe. Immersed in her job as the director of business development for a high-profile medical practice―a job that required her to write health and wellness books and host a nationally syndicated radio show―she spent every day going full speed ahead with no looking back. That is, until the day she met Lucille Fleming. While writing a book on longevity, Judy interviewed Lucille, an elegant and spirited woman who had just recently turned 100. Lucille had the fashion and style of old Hollywood, but it was all hidden behind the doors of her assisted living center. What began as a quick meeting became a lasting friendship that transformed into an inseparable bond. Lucille brought incredible wisdom and great stories to the table, while Judy provided an avenue for excitement and new opportunities. Together, the two began living life to the fullest, and meeting the most interesting people along the way (including Suzanne Somers). But then Lucille’s life came to an end through unexpected and unfortunate circumstances―and the very first lesson she ever taught Judy proved to be the most important one of all.

Chains of Slavery

Chains Of Slavery by Brian Ridolfi available at Amazon. It’s 2048, eleven years after America’s second revolution. Timothy Delgreco is hopelessly imprisoned in an appalling federal jail. While incarcerated he encounters a wise old man with startling information. “The end began at the beginning with an institution,” the sage tells him. “Slavery started a chain of events that caused America to go full circle. Slavery for one group of people produced slavery for all people.”  Delgreco’s world is turned upside down by what he hears. He learns commonly held perceptions are mostly wrong, many things he’d been taught aren’t true, and the prison he lives in goes far beyond the penitentiary walls. Along the way, he discovers mankind’s only hope.
Join Timothy and the wise old sage as they examine US history from a whole new perspective. Learn how the world’s freest nation lost its freedoms, and how it was slavery that initiated the process. In it the United States’ past is revealed, and its future foretold. The chain needs to be broken; if it isn’t, the experiment which began in 1776 will end in tyranny not many days from now.