The Highest Of Care

The Highest Of Care A Journey Through Cancer by Lisa M. Roseman available at Amazon. Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? If so, your entire world may be shifting. Caring for one who is close to your heart requires unconditional love, strength, courage, and faith. If you desire to provide the highest level of care, add physical, emotional, and financial exhaustion to the list. Amidst the reality of disease, pain and loss become overwhelming. One may question God’s purpose and fight feelings of anger and hopelessness in the face of these challenges. Is God present in such difficult circumstances? A supernatural display of God’s promise of eternal life through a miraculous life-after-death encounter that occurred at the end of her mother’s life. In the form of a lion that will remind many of biblical references of Jesus, Lisa witnesses her mother guided gently into the promised eternal presence of God.

Money Does Grow On Trees

Money Does Grow On Trees by Esra B. Ogut available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. We have been told over and over again:

  • We have less because others have more…Really?
  • If we are materialistic, we can’t be spiritual…Really?
  • The rich are the root of all evil…Really?
  • If we are not successful, we are not worthy…Really?
  • Only this way works…Really?
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees…Really?

What is reality? Is it something outside of us, fixed, dictating the rules of the game, and we either get it right or wrong? Or is reality simply an exact reflection of our individually held beliefs being mirrored right back at us? Imagine, just for a second, you have your very own ATM machine, and that you can withdraw as much money as you need each and every time you visit it. What’s more, when you do, others won’t have less because of it.

Who would you be BEING, in relationship to money, if that were the case?

Money DOES grow on trees!

The High Sign

The High Sign by David S Heeren available at Amazon. The occasion of Jesus’ Second Coming, identified in the Bible as the Day of the Lord, will be one of the greatest days in history. But it’s important to focus on identifying the recognizable sign of His return instead of the unknowable day (Mat. 24:27-36). By associating that day with 24 dramatic biblical events and 54 vivid prophetic images, author David S. Heeren zeroes in on the sign and discloses its potential as the tool for an eon-ending revival that could involve the salvation of thousands or even millions of people (Joel 3:14).

Brief History of a Perfect Future

A Brief History of a Perfect Future by Chunka Mui, Paul B. Carroll & Tim Andrews Available at Amazon. What will planet Earth be like in twenty years? At mid-century? In the year 2100? Prescient and convincing, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Never has the world offered more promise for the future and been more fraught with dangers. Attali anticipates an unraveling of American hegemony as transnational corporations sever the ties linking free enterprise to democracy. World tensions will be primed for horrific warfare for resources and dominance. The ultimate question is: Will we leave our children and grandchildren a world that is not only viable but better, or in this nuclear world bequeath to them a planet that will be a living hell? Either way, he warns, the time to act is now.

Made In California

Made In California by George Geary available at Amazon & A&W Root Beer. Foster’s Freeze. IHOP. Der Wienerschnitzel. See’s Candy. Jack in the Box. You name the American food icon, and chances are its roots are in California. Food historian and chef George Geary tells the remarkable stories of the early 20th-century food startups that captured America’s hearts and stomachs, from Bob’s Big Boy to McDonald’s, Winchell’s Donuts to In-N-Out, Peet’s Coffee to Taco Bell. With more than 200 historic and contemporary photos.

Surrounded by Others and yet So Alone

Surrounded By Others And Yet So Alone by J.W. Freiberg available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. In this follow-up to his acclaimed book, Four Seasons of Loneliness (winner of the 2017 Independent Publishers Gold Prize as the best book of the year in Psychology / Mental Health), social psychologist turned lawyer J. W. Freiberg continues to explore chronic loneliness, one of modern society’s most serious public health crises. Freiberg explores the impact of faulty connections in failing relationships. But don’t expect to be lectured on the topic; you will find yourself reading a collection of deeply human stories. And that’s a good thing, because Freiberg is a master storyteller.

Riding The Edge

Riding The Edge A love Song To Deborah by Michael S. Tobin available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. Forty-seven years ago, Michael discovered his soul mate Deborah on a dance floor in Keene, New Hampshire. It took her soul a few years and an around-the-world bike trek to fully reciprocate. Riding the Edge is the astonishing tale of the six-month odyssey that profoundly shaped the next 564 months of their lives together.
Taking place in 1980, Michael and Deborah—an American Jew and American Arab, respectively—leave the security of their well-ordered lives as psychologists sleepwalking toward marriage and family to explore and take risks in search of life’s larger truths. What they find is a story of magnificence, where simple meals become transcendent experiences and chance encounters are serendipitous markers along a road directing them toward personal and spiritual transformation.

Awakened by Grace

Awakened By Grace by Darlene West available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. After the tragic death of his wife, Katie, Professor Franklin Franklyn blames himself. Filled with anguish, he walks away from his family and removes himself from all social interactions, which augments his suffering. But soon after the second anniversary of his wife’s death, his self-imposed reclusive lifestyle is interrupted by an unplanned visit from his eight-year-old granddaughter, Maggie. From that point on, Maggie’s faith-filled answered prayers manifest before Franklin’s eyes. As the two experience God-led divine appointments, Maggie encourages new people to become part of Franklin’s life. In spite of all Franklin witnesses, he finds it difficult to let go of his guilt and move on without his wife.