Tiny Little Boxes

Tiny Little Boxes How To Cope With Existential Dread By Way Of Ice Cream And Other Means by Christina Dylag available at, and where most place books are sold. A life constructed for us by society can be satisfying for a while, but at a certain point, the tension between who we want to be and who we are becomes unbearable. We want to follow our dreams and find fulfillment. We settle instead for a destiny carved for someone else. When we search for answers in religion or romance, we are still left with a nagging sense of emptiness. Underlying this discontent is a sense of dullness, the feeling that we are asleep at the helm of our own lives. We crave a spark, a shift in perspective—anything to feel alive. Christina Dylag wants to give you permission to live, to explore, to break the barriers of your own little boxes. She wrote this book to expose and unravel the ideologies that we as humans unconsciously hold as truth. By way of personal narrative and philosophical musings, Tiny Little Boxes delves into our predetermined belief systems and how we might reassess or re-approach our conditioned world. Beyond our inherited notions of success, the self, and existence lies a more expansive sense of freedom.

SerendipitySerendipity Utilizing Everyday Unexpected Events to Improve Your Life and Career by Neil J. Farber, MD available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. By definition, serendipity implies accidental fortuity. But what if those events that seem to be random, spontaneous, and out of our control could be harnessed and used to improve our lives? What if coming across this book right now, wherever you are, is an act of serendipity?
Dr. Neil Farber uses powerful examples of serendipity from history and his own life to show you the skills you need to prepare for, recognize, and ultimately take advantage of everyday unexpected occurrences.
He teaches readers to:
• Practice mindfulness to illuminate the real possibility of serendipity
• Hone observational skills to recognize serendipity even its subtlest forms
• Bring a serendipitous event to a fortuitous conclusion (and recognize when that’s not possible)
There’s a misconception that serendipity only brings fame and fortune to a few lucky individuals. And while monumental results are rare, unexpected events are happening to all of us with a great degree of frequency. Unless we cultivate these skills, the gentle nudges of potential serendipitous events, big and small, will pass us by completely.


Char's GiftChar’s Gift A Remarkable Story of Hope Through The Storms of Life by Steve Harryman available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Is it possible to find hope in the midst of tragedy? Or joy in the hardest times? When Char Harryman suffered a series of grand mal seizures and was rushed to the hospital on Easter Sunday, her life and that of her husband Steve would never be the same again. With Char’s diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor requiring life-saving surgery, that tragic event in their lives would mark the beginning of a remarkable journey of faith and perseverance spanning nearly twenty-five years. It was on this journey that Steve and Char experienced the nearness of God and found true hope and joy amidst the suffering. Char’s Gift is ultimately a story of triumph over the storms of life and a testament to the depth of God’s faithfulness and unfailing love.


Called to LeadCalled to Lead Success Strategies For Women by Pegine Echevarria MSW, HoF, CVP and 17 Inspirational Women available at Called to Lead is a guide and mentoring book containing success strategies from 17 women, in four countries and is designed to provide:

  • Developmental skills needed to thrive in leadership
  • Tools for the mind shift needed to success as a leader
  • Strategies to have it all from thrivers who did it all
  • How to leverage your influence to make changes in the world
  • Tips to investing in your natural leadership calling to
    manage more complex issues and be confident and effective following your calling to lead.

The Women’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony by Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, LD, CPT available at Amazon. This book gives you the knowledge to rebalance your hormones, master your metabolism, & become the boss of your own body. From thyroid & gut disorders, hormonal imbalances, to navigating the best “diet”, it’s time to reclaim your life!


Till the End of TimeTill The End Of Time by Sylvia Anthony available at Amazon. Sylvia Anthony is a woman of faith, courage, tenacity, and love. Her story shows that no matter a person’s background, age, or season in life, when we make ourselves available to God, He is able to accomplish great things through us. Through Sylvia we learn of God’s great provision and how a simple “yes” to God can turn into hope for over a thousand women and children. Pastor Rick Picariello – Senior Pastor Mount Hope Christian Church Sylvia Anthony is the founder and President of Life for the Little Ones, Inc., from 1987-1993. This was a shelter for homeless women and children. In 1994, the Board of Directors voted to change the name to Sylvia’s Haven Inc. and is operating to this day as Sylvia’s Haven. To date Sylvia has sheltered 1062 women and children. On January 25, 2012, Sylvia will be celebrating its 25th year of service to the Lord and to the women and children at Sylvia’s Haven. The awards and commendations have been many. Listed below are just some of these awards. 700 Club. Named Hometown Hero- WBZ TV Boston- 2001 Recipient Arthur L. Whitaker Award- American Baptist Church of MA-1992 Award for Non-profit Sector Achievement- National Alliance to End Homelessness-2001 Recognition Award- Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate, House of Representatives, and the Governor of Massachusetts-1997-1999 Recognition Award- Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives 2007 “I will never leave you or forsake you.” – Joshua 1:5A


To Live or Maybe NotTo Live Or Maybe Not by Gary Revel available at Amazon. A Gary Revel Memoir: Details of the birth, youth, education, music, US Navy service, experiences in; San Diego/Hollywood, California, Memphis/Nashville, Tennesee. More: Playing poker with men in a rough and tumble southern juke joint is not the typical activity of a 10 year old boy but it was for Gary Revel. Dancing with waitresses to Rock & Roll, Blues and Country music coming from the jukebox was also part of his usual childs play. Once he accepted the request to associate in the investigation of the MLK assassination he started his journey that would eventually take him into Brushy Mountain Prison in Petros Tennessee to meet the supposed killer of Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray. Danger, intrigue and murder followed as he entered the darkness of the investigation of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.


Bucket HeadsBucket Heads by J. Allen available at Amazon. Will you get to the future on time? Are you ready for tomorrow? J. Allen expands upon the concepts originally published in Finance Monthly and CEO Today, sharing insider views on how to ”take the bucket off your head” and connect with game-changing opportunities. Drawing on J.’s engagement with over 2,200 senior leaders and their direct reports over the last thirty years, this book helps business executives see how to:
– Step out of your comfort zone–look at customers and markets differently.
– Find your business edge–stretch in an unexpected, extreme way.
– Embolden your team–champion innovation at every organizational level.
– Understand why ”safe” isn t safe–today may already be obsolete.
– Get something cookin’–ignite the fun of achievement again.
– Apply inspirational, relatable client examples–make a difference.
– Get to the future on time–pinpoint what to do differently tomorrow.

PoetryPoetry RX 50 How Fifty Inspiring Poems Can Heal and Bring Joy to Your Life by Norman Rosenthal, M.D. available at Amazon. Poetry Rx presents 50 great poems as seen through the eyes of a renowned psychiatrist and New York Times bestseller. In this book, you will find insights into love, sorrow, ecstasy and everything in between: Love in the moment or for a lifetime; love that is fulfilling or addictive; when to break up and how to survive when someone breaks up with you.
Separate sections deal with responses to the natural world, and the varieties of human experience (such as hope, reconciliation, leaving home, faith, self-actualization, trauma, anger, and the thrill of discovery). Other sections involve finding your way in the world and the search for meaning, as well as the final stages of life.
In describing this multitude of human experiences, using vignettes from his work and life, Rosenthal serves as a comforting guide to these poetic works of genius. Through his writing, the workings of the mind, as depicted by these gifted writers speak to us as intimately as our closest friends.
Rosenthal also delves into the science of mind and brain. Who would have thought, for example, that listening to poetry can cause people to have goosebumps by activating the reward centers of the brain? Yet research shows that to be true.
And who were these fascinating poets? In a short biosketch that accompanies each poem, Rosenthal draws connections between the poets and their poems that help us understand the enigmatic minds that gave birth to these masterworks. Altogether, a fulfilling and intriguing must-read for anyone interested in poetry, the mind, self-help and genius.