Shayna by Miriam Ruth Black available at Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Amazon. 1919 Ukraine – In a small trunk in the corner of an abandoned shed a young woman huddles hiding from the Cossacks ravaging her shtetl, burning homes, and killing Jews. This emotionally rich novel is steeped in the Yiddish culture of the shtetl and the Lower East Side of New York in the early 20th century. Shayna Rifkin, seventeen, loses everything. Desperate to find safety, she dreams of reaching America. Shayna rescues her four-year-old nephew and with her fiancé and his mother braves a perilous trek across Europe. Shayna’s courage and determination bind them together, weaving a strong fabric from their separate threads to make a family, a safe place from which to build a new life in a new country.

The Third Secret by Marco DeSio available at Amazon and Goodrteads. In 1968, a Muslim bus mechanic reported seeing a clear apparition of the Madonna at the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt. Over the next three years, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, and people of all faiths reported seeing similar sightings there. According to the Orthodox religion, the site of the Madonna’s appearances is one of the locations where the holy family stayed during their flight to Egypt. Did the Madonna really appear? For the most part, non-Catholics believe earthly appearances by the Madonna are Demonic in nature. However, they widely accept that Samuel was brought up from the dead (1 Samuel 28). Given that, it’s arguable the Madonna could be sent by her son as a messenger, which is the premise of this fictional, three-part “trilogy” book. An Italian immigrant named Big Al comes to America at the turn of the twentieth century in pursuit of his dreams. He becomes associated with some of the biggest Mafia gangsters of the day, helps elect a president, and serves as a US envoy between the president and the pope, during which time he hides a shocking and powerful secret (the Third Secret of Fatima) given in 1917 by the Madonna to a future nun. In the late 2000s, reporter John Tate is lured into a search for the still-hidden secret. He is met by opposing Freemasons wanting a new world order. The more he digs, the more questions Tate has: Why has the Vatican kept quiet about the Third Secret of Fatima since 1917? Was Pope John Paul I murdered in 1978, after just thirty-three days in office? Did Pope Benedict XVI resign because he was being blackmailed? Was the current pope validly elected? Has the Prophecy of Popes correctly predicted 112 popes in a row? Is there to be only one more pope after this one? During his investigation, Tate gets help from two unlikely people: Big Al’s son Giuseppe-a former American diplomat himself-and a priest who, as a boy, claims to have been visited by the Madonna. The fate of the world hinges on the answers they uncover!

The Adventures of Lilly Nilly Pardon My French It’s the Language of Ballet by Nancy Paris available at, Amazon and Barnes &Noble. Enter the mind of spunky and precocious six-year-old Lilly Nilly. As a dance student, her self-appointed mission is to figure out what the heck ballet –– and coincidentally life –– are all about and share this insight with other kids. Young girls will find Lilly’s stories funny and very relatable, especially if they are ballet students themselves. Adults will find her sharp wit and strong-willed spirit a charming reminder of just how empowering a joyful approach to life can be.Pardon My French – It’s the Language of Ballet is complete with illustrations that only Lilly Nilly could have drawn – with a little help from her author, Nancy Paris. The book is inspired by the author’s own experience as a young dance student, and later, a professional dancer and teacher. The author’s mission, through Lilly, is to encourage girls to trust their instincts, seek their own answers, and be kind to all.

What The Bible Has To Say About The USA by David S. Heeren available at Amazon. End-time prophecies of the Bible apply in general to all nations of the world. But do they have anything specific to say about the U.S.A.? Is this nation’s evident spiritual and moral decay already bearing bitter fruit? Are we headed for a crisis even worse than COVID19, one that leaves us with a solitary option of spiritual revival if we are to hold any hope of national survival? In seeking answers to these and other important questions, author David S. Heeren emphasizes the Old Testament book of Hosea, which described ancient Israel as a land bearing many resemblances to America today.

The Adventures of Hillary The Little Ladybug by Mary Cohen is Available at Amazon, and on Kindle

Hillary the Little Ladybug is the smallest, in her family, of many brothers and sisters. She dreams of becoming Queen of Ladybug Land. At school, she is the best at everything she tries. Her family and friends are often surprised at how well she does everything. Her mom encourages her to always help others. Her school looks to her to help organize the ‘Food for the Poor’ drive. One day, as she is flying to school, she is attacked by the praying mantis. The praying mantis eats one of her classmates and continues to try to eat all the ladybugs. This is the first book, in the series of Hillary the Little Ladybug adventures.

From Strength to Strength by Arthur C. Brooks available at Amazon, Goodreads and Many of us assume that the more successful we are, the less susceptible we become to the sense of professional and social irrelevance that often accompanies aging. But the truth is, the greater our achievements and our attachment to them, the more we notice our decline, and the more painful it is when it occurs. What can we do, starting now, to make our older years a time of happiness, purpose, and yes, success? At the height of his career at the age of 50, Arthur Brooks embarked on a seven-year journey to discover how to transform his future from one of disappointment over waning abilities into an opportunity for progress. From Strength to Strength is the result, a practical roadmap for the rest of your life. Drawing on social science, philosophy, biography, theology, and eastern wisdom, as well as dozens of interviews with everyday men and women, Brooks shows us that true life success is well within our reach. By refocusing on certain priorities and habits that anyone can learn, such as deep wisdom, detachment from empty rewards, connection and service to others, and spiritual progress, we can set ourselves up for increased happiness.

The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein Available at Amazon and The Inner Matrix illuminates a proven approach to personal mastery and living a truly rich and meaningful life. A powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology, Klein provides a cutting-edge system to rewire, train and align the nervous system, emotions and thought strategies, enabling readers to create the life they choose. Those engaging Klein’s Inner Matrix Systems training routinely experience: reduced stress, increased focus, higher emotional intelligence, improved health and well-being, and enhanced access to intuition. Included is a five-week strategy guide to assimilate the practices of Inner Matrix Systems into your daily life.

Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing Why My Family Chose Hospice by Kathleen Vallee Stein available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. There is no guidebook on when, and how, to stop treatment of a terminal illness. Offered here is an intimate account of how the myriad end-of-life decisions affect a family. Bob Vallee had the courage to accept his impending death and lived out his final days at home in his daughter’s care. He passed peacefully, in his sleep, twenty-nine days after entering hospice. At the heart of this deeply reflective narrative about choices in living and dying, the reader finds a story of acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and finally, awe for the fragility of life. Peace is a place that lies between what is lost and what still remains. Kathleen Vallee Stein presents a lens-shifting view of role reversal as she takes on more, and sometimes unexpected, responsibility for her parents. Her service to her father was a gift of love and gave him the dignity we all deserve in the last days of our lives. Stein’s attention to detail sensitively recaptures events, without falling prey to nostalgia.