Cue Cards For Men A Man’s Guide To Love And Life by Christina Steinnorth-Powell, LMFT available at Amazon. Each day there are fewer and fewer places men can go to seek advice without being judged or demeaned.  Men are afraid to talk to women because they’re fearful their words may be held against them at some point, and at the same time, men are reluctant to talk to other men for fear of looking socially inept or in some manner less-than. So where is a guy supposed to turn to if he needs advice today? Through a series of  “Cue Cards” in the book, men can get practical, effective and confidential guidance and advice for all phases of their love relationships and their eventual relationships with their children. There’s even a chapter for divorce in case there’s a need to navigate this emotional roller coaster which includes tips to pick up the pieces after all is said and done. One of the most appealing aspects of Cue Cards for Men, is that it will teach men how to improve each love relationship in their lives with every day small interactions that do not overwhelm in size of scope. In short, change becomes easy and not overwhelming. Every man who reads this book will benefit from it pure and simple. It is the perfect gift for young men who are in need of uncomplicated, non-judgmental and practical guide to improve their love relationships and their lives in general.

The Forgotten: The Flight Crews of 9/11 The Very First Responders by Barbara Dorger available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris. In my 2004 book, Turbulent Skies, I wrote, Someday I will write about the incredible actions of the flight crews on the morning of September 11, 2001. In my first year of writing, as I researched and wrote, my body would chill, and I would cry. Once an article was finished, I could hardly get up out of my chair. I truly felt like I was on the planes with the crews. I knew if I was to continue, I had to control all that emotion. The reader will learn how the air traffic controllers cleared the skies, how Canada responded by handling all the incoming international flights, and how the failures of the FAA, the FBI, the CIA, and the airlines allowed this attack to take place. I also realized how it might have been prevented if the crews had been properly trained and informed. The book further examines how political forces changed the priorities for counter terrorism, and also impeded the examination of how the attacks could happen. The aftermath of the attack, and how it forever changed the airline profession and added significant restrictions on traveling public.

The Habits of Unity: 12 Months to a Stronger America…One Citizen at a Time by Elaine Parke available at Amazon. One-minute-a-day action guide to a better life and a more empowered citizenship. Each of the twelve months of the year is branded with one colorful habit-forming value like resolve conflicts, help others, and be more positive. When practiced daily by patriots, these 12 unity habits emerge as a citizens “Bill of 12 Responsibilities” that make life better for everyone. As a former corporate executive whose job was in part to help people get along better, Parke came up with this one-minute-at-a-time, one-value-a-month game plan. She’s been teaching it in schools and communities for thirty years-and seeing results. Nine independent studies have evaluated it and found it connected people and that individual behaviors improved. The London Institute named it a Social Invention. This isn’t a book about habits-it is a habit-forming book.

Wealth Building For Beginners by Edward R. Williams available at Amazon and Author and financial planner Edward R. Williams set out to write his book, Wealth Building For Beginners, to help individuals and families achieve greater wealth based on techniques he developed over his 23-year career as a financial planner. During and before the worldwide health crisis, Edward toured the country to provide financial education to churches and schools. Giving back to the community and those in need is part of his lifelong mission to ensure people do not make the same mistakes he made when starting out. As part of his tour, which now consists of virtual book signings and speaking engagements, he shares his insights and deep understanding of budgeting and financial planning so that attendees can quickly start developing a system to transform their debt into wealth. The purpose of his book, Wealth Building For Beginners, is to provide practical and comprehensive step-by-step instructions that will get people closer to building wealth. It does not matter your starting point. According to Edward, “I grew up thinking that the number one priority with money is finding a way to get the bills paid.” When growing up, his dad drove a taxicab and his mom was a court secretary. There were never any conversations about saving and investing. He fell into many of the same traps as an adult. When first starting out in life, he was the guy who spent everything he had and lived for the moment, not thinking about the future or any retirement goals. After hitting rock bottom, a significant event forced Edward to create an immediate practical system for not only surviving, but thriving financially, and he titled it The Wedge™. He later opened a financial firm, Williams Financial Group, and has been teaching The Wedge™ concept to hundreds of thousands.

Forever On Point: A True Story by Agota Gabor available at Forever on Pointe: A True Story, is the fascinating account of one woman’s ever-evolving journey, from the intense world of professional ballet to the bloody streets of the Hungarian revolution to the glittering nightclubs of Montreal. In this intimate and revealing memoir, Agota Gabor shares how grit and determination allowed her to attain her wildest dreams. As a young girl, Agota Gabor’s dream of becoming a professional ballerina in Budapest is shattered when she contracts polio. Through gruesome therapy and iron willpower she learns to walk and dance again, making a living as a dancer in Canada after her home country erupts in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.​

The Fragile Years Proven Strategies For The Care Of Aging Loved Ones by Amy Cameron O’Rourke available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Simonandschuster. Do you have a parent or aging loved one nearing or in the most fragile years of life? Are you considering in-home care for them? Assisted living? A nursing home? Have they endured repeated hospitalizations, or are they facing major surgery? Are they refusing to give up their independence? Do they have adequate savings to pay for care? Are they getting the right Medicare, Medicaid, or VA benefits? This book by a veteran care management professional will help you secure the best possible care.

The Tree Of Faith God Wants To Answer Your Prayer by C. J. Schat available at Amazon.  Christine invites reader involvement through chapter questions. In her book The Tree of Faith: God wants to Answer YOUR Prayer, you will discover the age-old secret to obliterating fear, guilt, and shame, the personal way God answers questions, strength through adversity and the power of letting go, the unique key to turning life around and the growing faith that looks past the impossible. Christine says, “Now is the time to look to the Light, renew your faith, and expect God to answer your prayers!”

The Trial Of George W. Bush by Terry Jastrow available at Amaxzon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. In Terry Jastrow’s new novel, The Trial of George W. Bushpast evil deeds are exposed and reckoned with in a most expected way. At a time when America’s political leadership has alienated itself from the rest of the world, the scales of justice respond in a trial at the International Criminal Court in which former president Bush is accused of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. This fascinating trial brings together eyewitness testimony from a former Secretary of State, the Commander of the U.S. Central Command that oversaw military operations, an American counter-terrorism expert, and a female Iraqi blogger who read from the blogs she wrote while Bush’s war was destroying her country. After the trial filled with contentious testimony and covered by an overzealous media, a captive worldwide public awaited the determination of Bush’s fate. Will he be found guilty or not? The surprising verdict is revealed in Terry Jastrow’s new novel, The Trial of George W. Bush.

Story Matters : Empowering Your Hope While Growing Through Tough Times by Linda A. Olsen available at Amazon. Linda Olson’s, Your Story Matters, guides you step by step to empower you with what most people long for but don’t know how to get: clarity, connection and courage to find and tell your story with confidence. You will learn simple secrets that will allow you to find your personal story, use your story to build instant trust and credibility with someone you just met. Here to encourage everyone to embrace their own stories and share them in a way that could be of value to others is international speaker and sought-after story expert, Linda Olson. Her latest book provides real-life examples of seven ordinary women, who, through their faith in God, rose above their circumstances and discovered a deeper fulfillment than they had ever imagined.