Just Once A Love Story by Karen Kingsbury available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and In 1941, beautiful Irvel Holland is too focused on her secret to take much notice of the war raging overseas. She’s dating Sam but in love with his younger brother, Hank—her longtime best friend—and Irvel has no idea how to break the news. Then the unthinkable happens—Pearl Harbor is attacked. With their lives turned upside down overnight, Sam is drafted, and Hank wants to enlist. But Sam insists Hank stay home, where he and Irvel take up the battle on the home front. While Sam fights in Europe, an undeniable chemistry builds between Irvel and Hank but neither would dare cross that line. Then two military leaders pay Irvel a visit at the classroom where she teaches. The men have plans for her, plans that will take her into the spy world of World War II.

Lori by Charlene Wexler available at Amazon and Goodreads. The sheltered, comfortable, liberal upbringing undergone by Lori in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago in the United States did not prepare her for marriage into the difficult and quirky working-class family of her husband, Jerry—or for the sweeping societal and social changes of the last quarter of the 20th century. Lori deals with relationships between family and friends, divorce, alcoholism, infidelity, homosexuality, the judicial system, the Holocaust, and financial booms and busts. Most importantly, it deals with cancer from the points of view of both the victim and the survivors. Lori’s seemingly perfect suburban world is in constant peril.

Living While Human by Arwinder Kaur available at Amazoin, Barnes & Noble and How do we as humans navigate our lives in the complex world we have created? With the high speed in which we are bombarded with images, messages and conflicting ideas, how do we figure out how to live in the world without destroying it and ourselves? Why are we the only species that seems to be struggling to live truly healthy lives? Masses of us are suffering with feelings of loneliness and emptiness, killing ourselves and each other despite our sense of superiority over all other species. The answers are not locked away in a secret vault. In fact, they are much closer and simpler than you might realize, but need to know.

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