Greetings from the Editor ~ February 2024

As the saying goes…”All Things Must Come to an End.” This is the final issue of Not Born Yesterday!. We hope you have enjoyed the journey with us. David & I have published it for 15 years and we will be retiring from this project. So it was decided the sun will set on Not Born Yesterday!

It has been fun. We love the people we serve, the writers of our columns, the advertisers with which we have worked and the many Senior Expos that we have attended.

You may see us pop up at events from time to time or have an opinion on one thing or another along the way. Our focus
will be more on allocating our time to other endeavors. That may include traveling, watching television and reading with cats on our laps, visiting friends and family, spiritual awareness, exercise, and healthy fun. Maybe even more culinary adventures.

Whatever happens we are proud of being part of your lives the past 15 years.

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