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Joyce Johnson, President
Wellness Center of America
(800) 545 – 6923
Dr. Joyce’s 12 page colored manual called Secrets to Slimness, a loose-leaf diet workbook, Mission Possible book, and her Blood Chemistry…the Key to Predicting Cancer newest book… all for only $39 + $8 shipping.
Mail your $47 check (made out to Joyce Johnson) to
1131 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
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or call Dr. Joyce at (800) 545-6923 to use a credit card.

GREAT IDEA! If you have recent blood tests from your own physician, I will analyze them for only $99. You’ll be asked to complete a 4 page questionnaire, send your blood test results, and you’ll receive a complete report on how to prevent a future health disaster.

We specialize in testing 99 chemistries of the blood, urine, and hair to establish your own nutritional blueprint for reversing the aging process. Our proprietary software does 15,000 calculations with your test results and is truly one of a kind in the world. Call Dr. Joyce at (800) 545-6923 for a free 15 minute consultation.