Suzanne Somers ~ Pitch Lady Extraordinaire​

Suzanne Somers, 72, is an American actor, author, singer, businesswoman, and health spokesperson. She is best known for her television role as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company (1977-1981).  Basically, when she asked for $150,000 an episode in 1980, she soon found herself out of work.  Basically, women were not paid that kind of money at that time.  She has been a trailblazer most of her life and sometimes suffered for it.  

 It is common knowledge that her rebellion was lead with the influence of husband, Alan Hamel. Hamel was a Canadian ‘Johnny Carson’ of sorts, talk shows, kid shows and many other credits to his career. However, after Somers was fired – he left his career to support her.
    Shortly thereafter, Hamel negotiated a deal for Somers in Las Vegas that turned out to be more lucrative than what she was asking for from CBS.  From then on they decided to brand ‘Suzanne Somers’ and he was determined to promote that effort.   She has received recognition as a USO tour performer and enjoyed much success reviving the ‘blonde in the Thunderbird from the movie, American Graffiti. 

In April 2000, she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, and had a lumpectomyto remove the cancer followed by radiation therapy, but decided to forgo chemotherapy, which doctors prescribe, in favor of a fermented mistletoe extract called Iscador. 
    She has revealed and shared controversial views on cancer treatments and ways to stay healthy.  Somers has been attacked by medical professionals for her beliefs surrounding bioidentical hormone therapy.  They state that the protocol is ‘scientifically unproven and could be dangerous’.  
    Somers is transparent and shares that she has Botox treatments three times a year and uses a micro current facelift machine.  As you can see from the cover photo, she has wrinkles and prefers to be natural.  She eats organic and practices what she preaches.  
     Somers has a string of starts and stops in television, cameos, bit parts, and history.  She has done a couple of covers for Playboy, written over 25 books, does lectures, and gives motivational seminars.   Although, she has not had a straight line to success, she has had much success along her journey.  Even though as a child she was embarrassed and belittled by an alcoholic father that has not dampened her confidence and fortitude.
    She lost ‘stuff’ in two separate house fires in the Malibu, California area, with the first one in 2007.  This is when she realized just how meaningless the ‘stuff’ was in reality. She noted, I don’t think about cleaning out my closets anymore.  

Yet, she becomes stronger as a person with every endeavor. You can sense the powerful connection and love that she and her husband share. They literally dote on each other in a very healthy way.  
     Somers continues to secure herself as a household name from the work in Infomercials as well. Calling her a legend in the industry, on May 2, 2014, Direct Marketing Response inducted Somers into the infomercial Hall of Fame.

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