Greetings from the Editor (May 2018)

Greetings from the Editor (May 2018)

I will encourage each of you to read the Senior Advocate on Page 21 in this issue, and I would be curious about your reaction to Paul Ryan’s announcement to retire. Please write to me at the address below or post a note on the website blog.
For your information: When Paul Ryan’s father passed away, the young man was supported by Social Security Survivor Benefits for many years. [I am glad it was there for his family during such a difficult time.]
Ryan has been a government employee and accepted that the American people were paying his salary and providing his lucrative benefits.
Now his plan is to retire at 48 years old on the backs of the American people and probably believes he deserves $84,930/year plus benefits. Where does that money come from and what impact does it have on the National Debt?
If he had been paying into the Social Security System, like other Americans, there would be at least two differences. First, he would not be able to retire with compensation until he was over 70 years old (based on his age), and he would qualify for about $24,000/year (based on his working income).
This is in a time where the business world no longer offers pensions, and non-government employees are expected to fund their own retirements through 401(k) accounts, with the hope that it will be enough in combination with Social Security. Who is accountable?
There appears to be a sense of “entitlement” from this young politician that has been learned. What does that say about his role models?

 “The ‘Application’ of Knowledge is Power”.

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