Greetings from the Editor (April 2018)

How do we explain school shootings?  They are becoming commonplace.  My philosophy is that ‘no one has the right to take another person’s life’.  I realize that not everyone will agree with this statement.  However, if you are truly honest with yourself, I am not sure how one could disagree.  Despicable acts cause the desire to kill.  What if people quit doing despicable acts….did I hear someone call me “PollyAnna”?  There is a better way.  Peace and contentment, what if we strived for that instead of world domination and control.  Yet, I digress…Children with guns, attempting to take another person’s life.  They missed the lesson on human decency, human rights, and a respect for life.  Where will this be taught?  Whether in the home, on the playground, or in the classroom, who is qualified to teach it?  Parent, teacher, counselors, classmates, friends or family members can all have an impact.  My hope is that we encourage a respect for life.  Talk with the children about how much a gift each of their lives represent.  Help them to realize the fragility of the human condition.  Living until we are 120 years is a promise made to us, however, we don’t see many people doing that yet.  Let’s share the positive messages and energy with the world. Each One Teach One.

 “The ‘Application’ of Knowledge is Power”.

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