Greetings from the Editor ~ August 2023

SPORTING  EVENTS: This is not something David and I physically go to any more.  Since the pandemic, we are very selective in our outings.
These events attract a lot of people and traffic is a deterrent.  We attended an Angels Baseball game playing the Pittsburgh Pirates on a Saturday night.  The weather was perfect, even a nice breeze. Our seats were great, between home plate and 1st base in the section near the field about 40 rows up. Concessions were easy to get to and so many options for food and beverages.
The excitement of the game was energizing and the outcome was fine.  After game included a fantastic fireworks display, worthy of 4th of July.
The reason for the outing was to enjoy the company of family members. That was priceless, even though the tickets were quite expensive.
Yet, getting in and out of the parking lot was less than fun.  It capped off our outing with a bit of frustration and taxed our patience.  We will watch from home in the future.

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