Greetings from the Editor ~ December 2021

Often the holidays brings on depression in those that are experiencing grief from loved ones that have passed away recently .
Unfortunately, the first year seems to be the hardest to get through these types of events.  I would love to be able to say encouraginig words.  Yet, I know from experience the walk through grief is solitary, even when you have other people around.
It is the internal onversation and the heaviness felt in the heart that can over whelm when you least expect it.
Be kind to yourself and know that whatever you are feeling is normal and appropriate for you..

Loss has touched my life through grandparents, parents, children, siblings, in-laws and most recently my nephew.  The transition from the human experience to the spiritual one is something we all will do.  It is those left that feel the pain.
As a certified grief support facilitator, I encourage you to listen to your emotions and your body.  Act on what you need.

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