Greetings from the Editor ~ January 2024


On Christmas day I found out that my great niece had a baby boy in September of 2022.  You might say we have been ‘out of touch’.  Honestly, I have never spoken to my great niece and only saw her a few times as a baby herself.  My brother’s daughter, my niece, did not have an easy life.  Consequently, it seems her daughter, my great niece, is repeating the cycle and I now have a great, great nephew, whom I saw a photo of on 12/25/23.

All this to say life is not always simple and sometimes quite messy.  Yet, how we react to it – is up to us.  We constantly hear that family is the most important. Our lives are enriched through the people we share it. Some of us choose friends that substitute as family, because that is the nature of our lives.  These friends become more like family than our biological ones at times.   No matter what your family dynamic looks like, maybe we can agree to make family and friends a priority in 2024. It is something to consider.

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