Greetings from the Editor (July 2018)

Independence Day provides for us, many visions. Freedom, community, movies, hot summer days, and memories that we have made by the barbeques in our own backyards.

It is impossible to live in the United States without feeling humbled by the ‘luck of the draw’. I was born here and did not have to fight my way in, what a privilege.

American Citizens stand gratefully united to live in a free country with the ability to speak our minds and raise our voices.

Our heritage has songs of tribute that reflect respect for others and the spiritual conditions that preside. God Bless America, The Star Spangled Banner, and others.

Today, there is no lack of patriotism. Although, there are issues and nothing is perfect. However, a sense of goodwill and a plan seemingly always comes forward.

 “The ‘Application’ of Knowledge is Power”.

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