Greetings from the Editor – July 2020

Individuals over the age of 70 are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Many say it is survival of the fittest and the weak will fall by the wayside. However, that is not how a civilized society treats or thinks about their older adult population. The United States will not only survive this, we will be stronger, safer, and more steadfast because of the exercise. Talk about being forced to slow down and truly appreciate what we have to be grateful about. The vision must be “A World that Works for Everyone.” Ridulous, you say? Can you imagine a world where negativity doesn’t exist? A world where each individual person believes that the Universe is working on their behalf is the kind of place we all want to live. Good things are coming your way. Believe it. Change your thinking. Change your life.

Sport Update or at least ‘what we have heard rumored’…
Major League Baseball has come to an agreement to play 60 games starting
July 23 or July 24. Players will receive a pro-rated portion of their salaries and there will be special health and safety protocols to be followed during the pandemic. Although, even now players are testing positive for COVID.
The season is planned to run through September 2020 and then the play offs.
The NBA and the NHL completed most of their games prior to the pandemic shutdown. The NFL believes it will start in September as scheduled. However, all is speculation. Let’s continue to keep the well being of others TOP OF MIND

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