Greetings from the Editor ~ July 2023


The tragedy involving the five men in a submarine going on a discovery mission on the Titanic.  They were aboard a Titan Submersible designed and manufactured by OceanGate.
Each man had a specific connection and reason for making this voyage.
Mr. Harding, 58, was chairman of Action Aviation, a billionaire adventurer held world records for longest duration and distance traveled along the deepest part of the ocean.
Mr Dawood, 48,Vice Chair of Engro & had interest in research of various kinds.
Master Dawood , son of Mr. Dawood, a 19 year old student.
Mr. Rush, 61, OceanGate CEO & Founder held degrees in engineering and business.
Mr. Nargeolet, 77, known as Mr Titanic owned the salvage rights and had completed 37 dives prior to this mission.
It is with deepest sympany for their families and respect we include this editorial, as these men will not reach their senior years, like most of us.

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