Greetings from the Editor (June 2018)

Greetings from the Editor (June 2018)

Oh My Word, all night long the phone is ringing with political surveys, seminars, recordings and more.

As you will be reminded on page 7 and page 23 the best strategy may be to ignore the landline.

Many residents do not continue to have home telephone lines. Most of us have a mobile phone and consider that enough. It is popular to have a bundled communication package that includes phone, internet and cable. For those of us in the 50+ category, that may be the case. However, for the younger set, they are opting only for phone service and the ability to stream video through their computers, tablets, laptops and even their phones. While this may not work for all of us, a less costly solution must exist. Paying $200/month for this is ridiculous.

 “The ‘Application’ of Knowledge is Power”.

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