Greetings from the Editor – June 2020

As California begins to loosen the limitations on the Safe at Home protocols, please be alert and aware. Know that those of us over 65 years need to be in charge of our safety. This means that even in groups of people, we need to be the responsible adult and avoid close contact with others. Our part of the population will continue to be the most vulnerable. It will eventually be encouraged to visit with your families. However, one of the most rewarding experiences is ‘the hug’. Yet, it will be the most prudent decision to refrain from this activity. Also, be careful about sharing food at a potluck. Keep social distancing and let everyone know how much you appreciate them respecting your personal space. Will this be forever? I suppose it will be the norm until a trusted vaccine can be found. Do not be offended by these actions. Your health and well being is important to you and your family.


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