Greetings from the Editor ~ June 2022

A recent Saturday brought me to tears. A day that started routinely, with an early morning trip to Walmart for supplies, followed by puzzles and reading, then off to Pickleball class.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport and specifically appealing to the over 50 population. I began taking lessons at the local community tennis/pickleball courts. Instructors and program are affiliated with ‘iTennis’ and ‘iPickleball’. This final lesson included a short tournament. The two top players were awarded prizes and so was the person with the lowest score, which was me. I was brought to tears by the gesture and acknowledgement.

I came to Pickleball looking for a sport I could play at this stage of life with people that were kind. Christine and Luis touched my heart and inspired me and my classmates by recognizing and honoring the efforts of someone in this way.

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