Greetings from the Editor ~ June 2023

JUNE is celebration for Fathers. Whether you are a father to humans or to furry animals, your love and nurturing is important and appreciated.  So Happy Fathers Day! to all.

Happy Graduations to those of us that are finishing a degree that was put off for years and to the pride and joy of seeing your kids and grandkids accomplish something, as well.

A fun distraction and treat might be to attend some of the in person events listed throughout this issue.
On June 12, see Bethany as Judy Garland in Long Beach.  (see page 18)
On June 10, check out the Senior Expo in Woodland Hills. (see page 13)
Theater options in June (see page 17)
Autry museum exhibition (page 13)

Summer opens up with concerts, festivals, performances, trade shows, fairs and so much more.  Contact your local community center and see what local events will be happening nearby.

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