Greetings from the Editor – May 2019

Greetings from the Editor – May 2019

Greetings from the editor

For those of you that can enjoy Mother’s Day for the reasons it was intended, best wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a difficult time for some of us. Those of us that have lost our mothers and/or buried a child greet Mother’s Day with trepidation. Sadly, I have experienced both. It is not the natural order of things for our children to go first, it is devastating. This journey has taken me through very dark corridors of my mind. Many days wondering why I wake up at all, to do what? I guess I was destined to be involved with older adults. That is my calling, my passion, and one of the ways that allows my life to make sense. Today, I believe there is something I am here to do and I keep moving forward.

NBY! began in 1965. You and I have been on the journey of Not Born Yesterday! together from 2009 – 2019 marking 10 years. There is value in bringing this publication to you every month. David and I are blessed to receive your phone calls, letters, and emails about how the content from NBY! has touched your lives in someway. It is an important resource for the older adult community. If you are an older adult yourself or a caregiver or an adult child – we will continue to bring pertinent information through NBY! Each one of our columnists is dedicated to sharing, providing, and discussing their platforms and advocacy for the older adult community.

In 2018, we refreshed the website,, as a vehicle to offer more interactive, timely options for our readers and their families. Do not hesitate to let us know topics you want, features that would be helpful, and resources that will make a difference. In order to stay relevant, we need your suggestions.

In this issue we have included one of the most informative opportunities offered in the Southland. It is sponsored by St. Jude’s Senior Services, coordinated by Karyl Dupree’, and led by a group of professionals in the senior industry. There is no charge for attendees. If you have questions about senior services, senior care, resources for seniors, their families, and caregivers….I highly recommend coming to one of these sessions*.

Not Born Yesterday! (NBY!) Readers…
*Senior Resources 101- Pages 17 & 22
NBY! Columnists Thank You – Page 4
Check out information on new book:
Connection, The New Currency – Pg 15


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