Greetings from the Editor – May 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our world forever. I was speaking with a resident in a local retirement community recently. During that conversation, it came up that some of the Asian population in America have frequently been spotted wearing masks.
This was an anomaly in the past and not given much thought. Yet, now it made us wonder. She mentioned that her family lived in Japan in the 1950’s and the Asian population at that time were wearing masks.
So it prompts the thought … if we know that eating certain animals can cause diseases like this, why don’t we ban eating those animals. Apparently, as reported this is a known threat.
Something to consider for the Asian communities.

RETIREMENT: Dr. Steve Mason, who has been a contributing columnist to Not Born Yesterday! for decades has made the decision to stop writing the monthly segment.
Over the years, his submissions have been informative, educational, comical, interesting, and audience appropriate. The age of publishing has changed, his medical practice has changed, his life and demands on his time have changed.
The staff at NBY! are grateful for the submissions received and the years of content shared. We wish him and his family all the best!

INTERNET ONLY: The change for NBY! to go strictly to an internet version substantially changes how we do business. For the short term, we are extending services at no additional charge, whether an advertiser or a reader of the publication.
The long term vision is not as clear. In 2019, we refreshed our internet presence and began offering email subscriptions. Is this the way of the future for NBY!? That answer is not clear.
We ask that you share your thoughts via email or USPS. Not Born Yesterday! PO Box 722, Brea, CA 92822 or email us at

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