Greetings from the Editor ~ May 2022

Wishing goodness and grace for all readers that happen to be a mother or have a mother. We all came from a mother in the beginning. Yet, many of us have lost our mothers to death. As hard as it might be, hopefully you can remember the good times and find cherished memories that provide solace.
Sadly, some mothers have lost their children and stuggle with this day of celebration. Are we still mothers if our children have passed away? Difficult question and difficult topic and difficult emotions to navigate through.
Organizations called Alive Alone or Bereaved Parents assist parents that have lost their children. To be clear, they do not have the answers that will take away the pain, the grief, or ache in your heart. Yet, they strive to help each other walk through this unthinkable reality. Be Gentle and Kind wanting Peace for All.

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