Greetings from the Editor ~ May 2023

The Golden Future Expos are coming back.  Please note their ads on pages 3 and 5 for May and June respectively.
In person meetings are resuming. Activities of daily living in group settings are thriving.  I hope you all are doing as well as the rest of the world seems to be ‘back to normal’.

Covid is now relegated to how we view the flu and we are seeing cases of both.  Fortunately, the death toll has subsided tremendously.

May is celebration for Mothers. Whether you are a mother to humans or to furry animals, your love and nurturing is important and appreciated.
I have four cats, with two of them under a year old.  They are so entertaining and precious.  We feel blessed they came to live with us.
So Happy Mothers Day! to all.  Even those of us who have lost our human mothers, we know that this day honors their contributions to the world.

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