Greetings from the Editor ~ November 2023

PUZZLES ON THE INTERNET:  If you have not discovered these, I would invite you to look for something that might interest you.  Probably because I am a writer, I find the Word Puzzles a great distraction.  So my favorites are, which gives you a new word to solve for every day.  I also review for hints on Wordle if I want some help.  My ‘go to’ everyday is and this provides a daily puzzle of varying degree of difficulty.  In addition, they also have a Squaredle Express that comes out daily. Another fun one is, which is offered by (the dictionary people) and this one has four quadrants for finding words before you are able to complete the puzzle.  Also, they feature a puzzle called Blossom, which is a flower set up where you make twelve words in order to complete the puzzle. Finally, I will finish off with, where the layout looks like a waffle and you fill in the words as they touch one another


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