Greetings from the Editor (October 2018)

I have a passion for the gift of libraries.  They are one of the nation’s treasures that are often neglected.

   Every city has one (99% anyway)and they are free to the public.

   All have books, which have the potential to open our minds, our hearts, and our opportunities in life.

   Most have on going activities for all age groups. Most have helpful and attentive staff that do a lot more the “SHUSH” you…that was a joke.

   Nowadays, libraries are not always tranquil reading rooms.  Often times you will see and hear special activities that  are designed to build community and bring awareness to an array of topics in order to peak our interests.

   I have great respect for librarians.   Preserving history and protecting the archives for future generations.

   Each building is unique. If you get a chance, when traveling visit their library. It may give you an essence of the people and the community at large.  It is fairly remarkable and will possibly invoke thoughts of a different time and place for you, allow you to connect with and touch on some sensory memories that may provoke more fun thoughts.

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