Greetings from the Editor – October 2020

Entertaining Ourselves…Page 17
You will find a variety of ideas that you may or may not have challenged yourself to do.
I have another to consider: TEACH – What? you say, I am not a teacher.  Yet, in essense, we all have the ability to teach.  It is the desire to share information with others in a structured format.
Now think about it. You have skills, knowledge, information to share that others would be interested in.
Webinars are easy to manage through Zoom or Facebook or other programs.  CHALLENGE YOURSELF. It’s ageless.


The vision must be “A World that Works for Everyone.”  Good things are coming our way.  Believe it.  Change our thinking. Change our lives..


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Many Thanks to our

Contributing Columnists.


Jan Fowler- Senior Moments

Jill Weinlein – Travel

Marilee Marrero Stefenhagen – Seniors in Action

Melinda Myers – Gardening

Morna Martel – Theater

Roddy Scheer/ Doug Moss – Earthtalk

Ronnie Greenberg – Travel

Dr. Sherry McCoy – Scam Watch

Newest Contributor from

Wellness Center of America, Please Welcome Diane Hayden

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