Greetings from the Editor ~ September 2023

Tropical Storms and other chance encounters.  As I am writing this, SoCal is experiencing the rains and winds of Hurricane Hilary.  Here it is actually a nice, rainy day in the middle of summer.
There is another COVID-19 vaccine booster being offered to the most vulnerable, such as folks over 50.  This is to ensure people are protected over the upcoming winter months.  Good news is that you can get this alongside the Flu shot if you so desire.
Tigers are thriving again in China. This is a result of decades of efforts by the government and several Natural Reserves to bring back the Amur Tiger.
The job market is wide open.  So, if you are a senior citizen that ‘wants’ to work, there are many options. Jump right in and find your spot.
Side Hustles are those enterprises of passion, things you might love to do, that generate some income.
Regenerative Agriculture limits damage and actually improves the environment.

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