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Dr. Sherry McCoy PhD

is a freelance writer & actor for the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program (SSSAP) in Los Angeles.  Follow SSSAP on Facebook .  For more info re: SSSAP, contact Adrienne Omansky at  Questions for the writer should be directed to “Dear Sherry” at Not Born Yesterday! P.O. Box 722, Brea, CA 92822 or

By Dr. Sherry McCoy PhD, Stop Senior Scams ℠ Acting Program*

It’s April 2018 and we at the Stop Senior Scams ℠ Acting Program (SSSAP) have some special news to share with you! On March 7th of this year the founder and director of SSSAP, Adrienne Omansky, was invited to offer testimony about SSSAP at a hearing on how to stop senior scams held by the Special Senate Committee on Aging in Washington, DC. She was part of a panel of participants who offered their expertise on senior fraud. Adrienne was honored to testify on how SSSAP uses peer-to-peer education in stopping senior scams. We at SSSAP are extremely proud of our leader, and grateful that she had an opportunity to present info about our program to the Special Senate Committee on Aging! Bravo! If you are interested in watching the entire panel presentation, please go online to:

The picture below shows U.S. Senator Susan Collins (co-chair of the Special Senate Committee on Aging), and Adrienne Omansky in Washington DC.

But wait! There’s more good news! — While Adrienne was in Washington, DC, she also met with Congressmember Karen Bass who presented her with Resolution 765 which was introduced to the House of Representatives on March 9, 2018 designating May 15, 2018 as National Senior Fraud Awareness Day! We are awaiting the passing of this Resolution in the House and then in the Senate. In 2013, Los Angeles City Council passed a Resolution designating May 15 as Senior Fraud Awareness Day in Los Angeles. SSSAP is a part of that Resolution and it has passed each year in memory of former Councilmember Bill Rosendahl.

I am proud to say I’m an actor with the Stop Senior Scams Acting Program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to travel around Southern California and perform with this troupe! We write all our own skits and present programs to the community that help educate and inform our audiences about senior fraud. Our programs are also entertaining, so everyone has a good time! We believe that live theater touches people in a way that is empowering. Audience members are more likely to remember a skit that dramatizes a particular scam than if they only heard a talk about it or read an article on the subject. If you get a chance, come to one of our programs and watch us in action!

If you feel you have been the target or victim of a scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or And then — Pass It On! If you have questions about Medicare fraud / abuse, or believe you have been the victim of Medicare fraud contact the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP*) at 1-855-613-7080.

Remember: You may be a target, but you don’t have to be a victim!

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