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by Joyce Johnson, President of Wellness Center of America

Q – Is chronic fatigue an illness?
A – No, chronic fatigue is actually a symptom Calling chronic fatigue a disease is like calling diabetes chronic thirst syndrome.

Q – So what is Epstein-Barr Virus?
A – Epstein-Barr’s most common symptom is fatigue. An EBV blood panel (includes IgG, IgM, and IgA) will tell you if this is the cause of your fatigue. 95% of the time your EBV test will be negative. Once you test negative for EBV, the next step is to order a blood panel which will show the real reason why you are tired.

Q – What are some of the reasons for fatigue?
A – There are 14 main causes seen in standard blood tests, but the most common of these would be: hypoglycemia (glucose), iron anemia (iron, TIBC, saturation), red blood cell anemia (RBC, Hgb), malnutrition (LDH, albumin, protein, etc), hormone imbalance (TSH, VLDL, estrogen), hypothyroidism (T3, T4), and adrenal stress (electrolytes). Physicians are unable to fix fatigue because their knowledge of nutrition is extremely limited.

Q – How then can I prevent chronic fatigue?
A – For one thing eat high energy foods: vegetables, wheat grass juice, chlorella, ginseng, sprouted breads, brown rice, quinoa, millet, yogurt, miso, kale, plus high quality proteins.

Q – What are these high quality proteins?
A – Organic eggs, wild organic salmon, sardines, legumes, lentils, and high powered protein drinks (sweetened with Stevia or Xylitol instead of sugar).

Q – How else can I increase my stamina?
A – By exercising, which will stimulate your immunity and oxygen uptake. Ideally work up to one hour per day, 6 days per week.

Q – What is the main cause of adrenal fatigue?
A – Stress

Q- How about hypoglycemia?
A – Hypoglycemia is caused from sweets and sugar . . . absorbing too many calories too fast so the pancreas over reacts and sends out an army of insulin to gobble up the glucose. Now you don’t have enough fuel to feed your cells.

Q – I am over weight . . . could hypothyroidism be why I’m so tired?
A – Yes it could be but here’s one instance where the blood test is not an accurate measurement of borderline thyroid problems. Dr. Barnes research tells us that low basal temperatures (under arm) are the best clue to a sluggish thyroid (my free pamphlet will explain this).

Q – How can I tell if I have malnutrition?
A – Because many of your blood chemistries will be too low instead of too high . . . LDH, uric acid, triglycerides, cholesterol, protein, and/or albumin; if any one of these is under the medical range, this would be a clue.

Q – Do you know of any products that will increase energy right away?
A – Yes! Start by drinking Organic Power Shakes from the health food store. Typical ingredients would be rice bran solubles, activated barley, Spirulina, carrot juice, wheat grass, oat grass, alfalfa leaf, raspberry, apple, and Lo Han Guo…everything organic!

Q – How can I get more information about chronic fatigue?
A – Send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for a free Chronic Fatigue pamphlet to Dr. Joyce Johnson, 1131 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Fallbrook, CA 92028.

GREAT IDEA! If you have recent blood tests from your own physician, I will analyze them for only $99 and tell you WHY you have fatigue!!
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Dr. Joyce specializes in testing 99 chemistries to make up your nutritional blueprint for reversing the aging process. Her proprietary software is one of a kind in the world. Call (800) 545-6923 for a lab near you.

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