TEN HOT TIPS for Readers Who are Single

Jan Fowler

is author of the best-selling book, “Hot Chocolate for Seniors”(winner of national & international awards); winner of Gold Halo Award from the So. California Motion Picture Council for Outstanding Literary Achievement; winner of First Place Excellence in Journalism Award (SPJ –Southern CA); Town & Gown “Phenomenal Woman” Award; former television host & KSPA radio host of “Senior Living at its Best with Jan Fowler”; speaker, contributing author for “Savvy Women Revving Up for Success”; founder of Starburst Inspirations, Inc. 501(c) (3) nonprofit which supports Redlands Drug Court. www.janfowler.com. Jan welcomes feedback and comments about her columns and invites you to leave her a message on her website.

Finding Love After 60

Dear Readers, The following is one of many true-life stories depicting how couples whom I know, met and fell in love.  Hope it gives you gives you encouragement and hope for your own future.


~Love After 60 ~

TEN HOT TIPS for Readers Who are Single

By Jan Fowler

1}  Stretch your vision for your life and master the art of thinking beyond ordinary!

2}  Unlock your personal power.  Smile to yourself throughout the day with the deep-down knowing in your heart that you have everything it takes to attract the perfect love mate.  Believe and affirm this to yourself many times a day, both silently and aloud.

3}  Create room in your life (and home) for a new love mate.  For instance, park your car on the left or right side of your garage not in the middle to allow room for his/her car.  Clear out a closet and dresser for his/her belongings, and always keep the room looking inviting.  Get ready to expect someone new and wonderful to arrive!

4}  Stay open to inviting love and companionship into your life everywhere you go.  Smile at everyone and make eye contact with approachable-looking strangers in case someone wants to ask you a question.

5}  Never hesitate to ask a pleasant-looking stranger for directions, whether you need them or not!

6}  Focus on the promise, not the problem.  Forget choosing the path that seems safe just to avoid the risk of getting hurt.  Afterall, it’s up to you to go after all you can get in this lifetime!

7}  Feel the joy of abundant love.  Rehearse the art of giving and receiving in your own mind and act as if you already have the perfect person to share your life with.

8}  Create a vision board, using any size poster to display word or picture symbols (torn from magazines) to represent your dreams and deep desires, such as candlelight dinners for two, golfing, biking, dancing, skiing, fishing.

9}  Isn’t it time to create the incredible life you’ve always wanted, with no more loneliness?  Then practice feeling as if it were already yours!  Send yourself birthday or valentines cards from secret admirers and take yourself out for a nice dinner now and then and pretend you’re on a date.

10}  Be open to love everywhere you go by projecting an aura that conveys, I am lovable. Men and women are making new connections each day, and you too can make a breakthrough in your life.  did!.

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