Tribute to Dr. Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson, President
Wellness Center of America
(800) 545 – 6923
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Dr. Joyce
1131 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
Fallbrook CA

Dear Not Born Yesterday Readers,

My name is Diane Hayden. I have worked with Dr. Joyce for the past seventeen years, assisting her with creating nutritional blueprints based on blood test chemistries. It is with mixed emotions that I announce her passing—with sorrow because she will be missed, but with gratitude because she is now with our Lord and Savior.

NOT BORN YESTERDAY! readers know her as an exceptional resource for health information. Dr. Joyce was also known in this regard by her clients, whom she served for more than forty years through the Wellness Center of America (WCA), which she founded in 1977. Her specialty was hematology— evaluating blood chemistry as a blueprint for predicting, and possibly preventing, future health crises. She was living proof of the value of her teachings, as she lived a full life to eighty-nine years young, as she would say, despite facing some health challenges of her own.

In her mid-thirties she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which threatened her ability to continue to engage in her beloved ballet. In response, she began to investigate healthy lifestyles, searching for answers of her own. She went back to college to study nutrition and picked the brains of the best in the field at the time, such as Harold Manner of the Manner Cancer Clinic. Her discoveries enabled her to beat cancer two times and to help others battling the disease with her cutting edge knowledge.

Like the late Adele Davis, Dr. Joyce was a trailblazer in the realm of health and well-being. She was unwavering in her belief that wellness is something to be pursued throughout the lifespan,

and that, equipped with the right knowledge, it is within our reach. Dr. Joyce was ahead of her time in gaining that knowledge and sharing it with others. She was a mentor to me and to many.

I first met Joyce when I was referred to her for my own health challenge in 1998. After

following her program and achieving my desired health results, I started working with her in 2003. She taught me to look for the positive, not to take no for an answer, and to find a solution. She always encouraged me that I could do anything I set my mind to do. She was a master researcher, and I observed countless times during our work together when she found the answer to a client’s health problem after traditional medicine gave no hope or diagnosis.

Over her forty-three years as president/owner of WCA, she touched thousands of lives— extending lifespans, improving quality of life, and helping childless couples conceive.

Dr. Joyce’s credits are extensive and varied. Among them are these few:

  • Owned/directed Ballet Petit a prestigious studio, which produced dancers who were

recruited by famous dance companies.

  • Lectured throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico on health and wellness topics.
  • Served as director at Pritikin Better Health program, Pasadena City College.
  • Hosted her own television show, “Energy Unlimited.”
  • Hosted her own radio show, “Eye on Nutrition.”
  • Lectured at Cancer Control Society’s annual convention.
  • Received a Bronze Award from the National Speaker Association.
  • Was a finalist in a senior beauty pageant at seventy years old, in which she showcased

her talent in ballet.

While most people retire in later life, Joyce continued to do what she loved and practiced—“making the world a better place”—by serving clients across the nation who depended on her. During our time working together, we discovered our shared zeal for health and wellness and developed a unique and effective rapport. Joyce was serious about her work, and she imparted that passion to me. It was her desire for me to continue her legacy by stepping to the helm of WCA. I have big shoes to fill, but I do it with gratitude, joy, and excitement. I hope to make her proud.

I am available at and by phone at 949-690-4965. (Our website is currently under construction but will be updated soon.) I look forward to serving you by following in Joyce’s footsteps, making the world a better place, promoting wellness one person at a time.

To your health,


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