We Become What We Think

Jan Fowler

is author of the best-selling book, “Hot Chocolate for Seniors”(winner of national & international awards); winner of Gold Halo Award from the So. California Motion Picture Council for Outstanding Literary Achievement; winner of First Place Excellence in Journalism Award (SPJ –Southern CA); Town & Gown “Phenomenal Woman” Award; former television host & KSPA radio host of “Senior Living at its Best with Jan Fowler”; speaker, contributing author for “Savvy Women Revving Up for Success”; founder of Starburst Inspirations, Inc. 501(c) (3) nonprofit which supports Redlands Drug Court. www.janfowler.com. Jan welcomes feedback and comments about her columns and invites you to leave her a message on her website.

We Become What We Think

By Jan Fowler

If you can remember having played Spin the Bottle, a popular teenage party game, then wouldn’t you agree that it’s been a great blessing to have lived this long and to still find purpose after retirement?

It wasn’t until I reached my mid-sixties that my life really began to take off and my glorious odyssey began. Once my three children were grown, I longed to fill the emptiness in my heart so I began to focus on seeking out new beginnings for my own life. Then to my surprise, almost overnight I became a national columnist with two million readers in 10 states, plus a TV and radio host.

(But back in those days I carried my stacks of columns to the post office and stood in long lines waiting for proper postage to be stamped so eventually I became a drop-out because the mailings became so tiring.  It wasn’t until much later that we were able to mail columns electronically.)

Even though the world may not realize it, we seniors still have dreams to fulfill no different from people in their 20s or 30s. In fact, many of us haven’t even seen our greatest victories yet. I used to dream about finishing my first book.  I now dream about finishing my fifth book. In each instance, it all began with one word. I had to write at least one word on a clean sheet of paper, then two, and then more followed.

Psychologists tell us we become what we think, and that our way of thinking is at the core of our destiny.

If we think sick, we feel sick. But if we think strong, vibrant, and healthy, we are far more likely to exude good health.

Come to think of it, doesn’t the wisdom of the great masters including the Holy Bible urge us to claim a vision of success, prosperity, and good health for ourselves?

I have discovered that taking one small step in the direction of my goal helps shift my outlook and helps build momentum.

For example, I once recall that before buying a brand new car some years ago I first began dropping in at Lincoln Mercury showrooms just to look. I definitely had not planned to fork out any money just yet.  Oh no. But then again, I never expected to see the car of my dreams, with every single feature which I wanted, including my favorite color.

When I unexpectedly saw this car, I felt a shift at the cellular level!  You never know what that first step might lead to.  I felt so thrilled that I happily purchased it and have had an absolute love affair with it ever since.

It is important to take one small step in the right direction.

I still dream about having a vacation house on the beach so I can walk right outside and step directly onto the sand.  Knowing it’s up to me to plant a seed with some sort of action, don’t laugh, but I keep a small jar of fine sand which reads Cancun, Mexico, on my desk to remind me of my wish.

We can warehouse seeds in a seed bank and store them for years.  But just like ideas, we have to plant them if we ever expect them to grow.  They need water.  They need light. They need nourishment.  Plant a seed and you give it life.  Give it life and you give it force.

I still cling to many more goals and hope that you do too.  Care to share some of your dreams with us?

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