by Diane Hayden, President of Wellness Center of America



Q – What is brain inflammation and what effect does it have?

A -According to NEWS.am: As mammals age, immune cells in the brain known

as microglia, become chronically inflamed. In this state they produce chemicals

known to impair cognitive and motor function. That’s one explanation for why

memory fades and other brain functions decline during old age. Unfortunately,

brain inflammation is a hallmark of aging.

Q -What are the causes of brain inflammation?

A -Aluminum which occurs in vaccines, deodorants, cosmetics, beverage cans,

antacids, buffered aspirin and food additives may contribute to inflammation and

toxic buildup.

Q – Are there other causes for brain inflammation?

A – Inflammatory foods include: refined vegetable & canola oils, processed meats,

fried foods, processed sugars, wheat flour, dairy products, artificial sweeteners

and colors. By eliminating or reducing your consumption of these problematic

foods, you may find yourself with more energy, less joint discomfort and a

healthier heart.

Q -Is there a diet plan that can lower inflammation?

A -The Ketogenic diet proves to lower inflammation. This diet is high in good fats

and low in net carbs.

Q -What can I do if I don’t want to follow a strict diet plan?

A – Researchers from the University of Illinois showed dietary fiber may help delay cognitive and motor function decline.

Q -How can I boost my intake of fiber?

A -Focus on lots of vegetables: crucifers like broccoli, cauliflower, root vegetables

such as sweet potatoes, jicama and onions. Also, nuts, seeds, organic psyllium

husks, chia seeds, sunflower sprouts, mushrooms and fermented veggies are

excellent sources of high quality fiber, not GRAIN S. Studies have shown women

who ate at least ½ cup blueberries and or 1 cup strawberries per week, had

slower rates of cognitive decline.

Q – Are there supplements I can take that will help?

A – Yes there are. Resveratrol has been proven to slow brain aging. Call Diane

at 949-690-4965 to discuss which resveratrol supplement would be beneficial

to you. Touchstone Pure Body Extra is another excellent supplement to

remove toxic metals and environmental toxins.


A- Absolutely! Aerobic exercise helps combat changes in the brain associated

with dementia, but any kind of exercise is associated with decreased risk of

developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


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